Staff And Board Survivor Advocacy Center

“The work you guys do save people lives. I know it did mine anyway. If it weren’t for your staff, I wouldn’t be the strong independent woman that I am today.”

Staff & Board


Susan Bieda
DV Counselor & Advocate, ext. 4518
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Mallory Bailey
Sexual Assault Counselor & Youth Advocate, ext. 4515
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Kat Dillon
Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 4521
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Noel Ellis
Counselor, ext. 4520
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Lindy Padilla
Bilingual Advocate, ext. 4517
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Amy Pauley
Executive Director, ext. 4512
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Sarah Sosnowski
Housing Stability Coordinator, ext. 4514
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Karen Tills
DV Case Manager, ext. 4522 
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Angela Tirado
Advocate, ext. 4513
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Nani Vazquez
CoBilingual Advocate & Counselor, ext. 4516
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Sarah Williams
Director of Advocacy, ext. 4519
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Christine Natale, President
Owner, Marketshare

Pat Fyles, Treasurer
Community Volunteer

Karen Centonze
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Sharon McInroy
Executive Director, Our Children’s Place

Tiffany Paine-Cirrincione
Senior Program Manager, Causewave Community Partners