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“Thank you for making me confront my fears. I couldn’t have gone through my struggles without your steady hand and compassionate heart. You helped me see my strength and worth and for that I’ll always be thankful.”


The Survivor Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes welcomes volunteers to assist with office tasks, marketing and promotion, community and prevention outreach and fundraising, and organizing donation drives. Other volunteer opportunities may include providing childcare and transportation. Finally, we may on occasion, need volunteers who can provide play or art therapy, and coaching financial literacy, resume writing, and other skills.

Volunteer requirements:

  • All volunteers must complete the SACFL Volunteer Application and sign and agree to the Confidentiality Promise.
  • SACFL volunteers are typically adults 18 years or older; volunteers under 18 may volunteer with adult supervision and prior approval by the SACFL.
  • Before working directly with clients and families, volunteers must also pass criminal and other background checks and attend an interview prior to a training program.
  • SACFL volunteers must not be in crisis due to domestic or sexual abuse, stalking, family violence, or some other critical event. Prospective volunteers must be removed from a personal crisis for at least one year before applying to volunteer. 

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